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These are the DVDs you’ve been waiting for.  Working from the Company Films hard-drives, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the most fascinating extended interviews captured during the making of SIDE BY SIDE.

Side By Side Extra: Volume 1 features extended interviews with Lena Dunham, Steven Soderbergh, and Dennis Muren

Side By Side Extra: Volume 2 features extended interviews with Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, and Wally Pfister

Side by Side Extra: Volume 3 features extended interviews with James Cameron, Walter Murch, and Edward Lachman

Side by Side Extra: Volume 4 features extended interviews with the Wachowskis, Danny Boyle, and Stefan Sonnenfeld

Side by Side Extra: Volume 5 features extended interviews with Martin Scorsese, Michael Ballhaus, and David Tattersall

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August 30th US Broadcast Premiere on PBS!


SIDE BY SIDE will be broadcast nationwide on August 30, 2013  on PBS – 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
To find your local PBS Station, click on the following link:

Now Available for Home Video on DVD and Blu-ray in the US and Canada



Home Video version of SIDE BY SIDE is now available for purchase on DVD or Blu-ray at and other online retailers; also available in the iTunes store to download-to-own for home use.

SIDE BY SIDE home video DVD on Amazon

SIDE BY SIDE home video Blu-ray on Amazon